the moment I heard

“Daring yet beautifully conceived on every level ...

so haunting that it remained with me throughout

the evening” - Katerina Pantelides

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“ The sheer power of the performance left

the entire audience unable to move or speak...

breathtaking stuff.” - TOTAL THEATRE

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First Piano Concerto

“An enthralling and sometimes frightening dance

routine that rooted out our fear of being alone”

- Nottingham Visual Art

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“From beginning to end, I was beaming ...

There's a lot of good feeling around your


- Alan Fielden

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My Egypt Stories from

THREE WORKS, Brighton May 2010

Photo: Haste Malaise Photography

Elizabeth Dances, RA Centre, Leicester,

October 2010. Photo: Nathaniel J Miller

Oh! England

“Daniel Somerville is very odd and should be watched intently”

- Hairline

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Oh! England, The Brickhouse,

London, March 2010.

Photo: AbsolutQueer

First Piano Concerto

Hatch: One, Nottingham, May 2009

Photo: from video

PhOPS-i, 15 minute factory

London, May 2009.

Photo: from video

Elizabeth Dances

“I was captivated ... very stimulating and engaging,

entertaining and humorous.”

- Skinder Hundal, Creative Nottingham

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“Somerville's intensely disciplined performance creates the power of spontaneous emotion in a seamlessly flowing work.”  a-n

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I’m Leaving You from

THREE WORKS, Brighton May 2010

Photo: Haste Malaise Photography

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Episodes (public sharings)

“a hybrid movement vocabulary rich with intertextual references and nuanced understanding... works of emotion, deep psyche and finesse” - Paul Vigg

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Mad Scene

“[a] demanding combination of techniques and fluctuations of expressiveness and restraint, produced a haunting and captivating performance.”

  1. -Exeunt

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